ANNOUNCE: Release 1.4-7 / mhvtl-2013-03-22

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ANNOUNCE: Release 1.4-7 / mhvtl-2013-03-22

Mark Harvey
Release of 1.4-7 is now available.

I would like to thank everybody for their understanding during the churn of READ ELEMENT STATUS rewrite.

Bug fixes:
    - Prevent and log possibility of READ ELEMENT STATUS overflowing data buffer
    - Set 'POWERON-RESET' if library re-configured via HUP signal
    - Update 'minor' number from 'unsigned char' to 'unsigned int' which removes max number of device nodes at 256
    - Rework READ ELEMENT STATUS - Simplify code and correct bug where incorrect byte count returned.
    - Add 'support' for specifying 9x40 and DLT media via barcode suffix
    - Update kernel module to prevent overflow if DEF_MAX_MINOR_NO reached.
    - Update kernel module to allow up to 1024 minor numbers
    - Update kernel module vers to 0.18.12, vers date 20130310-0
    - off-by-one fix of compression mode page
    - Fix 'READ POSITION' ssc op code

    - Add DLT7000/DLT8000 emulation
    - Record 'last load' data in MAM
    - New utility 'edit_tape' which will allow modificiation of media 'meta data'
    - Helper scripts for NetBackup added
     - (parse 'scsi_command' output and email on tape unload)
     - (NetBackup Vault helper)

Available on the mhVTL home page -
or here:

$ git diff --stat 1.4-6_release
 .gitignore                               |    1 +
 ChangeLog                                |   21 ++
 etc/                             |   12 +
 kernel/mhvtl.c                           |   28 +-
 man/edit_tape.1                          |    3 +
 mhvtl-utils.spec                         |    7 +-
 scripts/NetBackup/         |  132 ++++++++
 scripts/NetBackup/ |  137 ++++++++
 scripts/                   |  117 -------
 todo                                     |    1 -
 usr/ait_pm.c                             |   70 ++--
 usr/default_ssc_pm.c                     |   24 +-
 usr/dump_tape.c                          |    3 +
 usr/edit_tape.c                          |   37 ++-
 usr/hp_ultrium_pm.c                      |  130 +++++---
 usr/ibm_03592_pm.c                       |   61 ++--
 usr/                    |   24 +-
 usr/q.c                                  |    9 +-
 usr/q.h                                  |   10 +-
 usr/quantum_dlt_pm.c                     |  191 ++++++++++-
 usr/smc.c                                |  511 +++++++++++++-----------------
 usr/smc.h                                |    4 +-
 usr/spc.c                                |    8 +-
 usr/ssc.c                                |   44 ++-
 usr/ssc.h                                |    6 +
 usr/stk9x40_pm.c                         |  124 +++++---
 usr/t10000_pm.c                          |   66 ++--
 usr/ult3580_pm.c                         |  132 +++++---
 usr/vtlcart.c                            |    3 +-
 usr/vtllib.c                             |   74 +++--
 usr/vtllib.h                             |   20 +-
 usr/vtllibrary.c                         |  262 ++++++++-------
 usr/vtltape.c                            |  143 +++++----
 usr/vtltape.h                            |   17 +-
 34 files changed, 1506 insertions(+), 926 deletions(-)

And the 'git shortlog 1.4-6_release..1.4-7_release'
Mark Harvey (42):
      Update last load MAM information
      Update default 'FormattedDensityCode' in MAM data
      Update '' to report last drives media has been loaded into
      Correct comment in ''
      Add ability to set media as 'read-only'
      Remove useless ',' from media capacity log message.
      Fix loading media with write-protect set.
      Initial commit of DLT7000/DLT8000 emulation
      Personality module: Rework initialise sequence
      Make up barcode 'rules' for DLT7k & 9x40 drives
      Log error if buffer is too small on receiving HUP
      Set POWER-ON/RESET sense on receiving a HUP
      Add NetBackup Vault helper script
      Simplify printf statements for writable/non-writable condition
      Rollup 0xb0 - 0xbf into default 'illegal_op'
      Personality module: DLT7000/8000 do not support SPR
      Remove Persistent Reservation support from default drive type
      Code cleanup of personality modules
      Fail compile if sizeof(struct MAM) != 1024
      READ ELEMENT STATUS: Log possible buffer overflow
      READ ELEMENT STATUS: Correct masking of ASC/ASCQ
      READ ELEMENET STATUS: Set reserved fields to zero
      Update char dev 'minor' from unsigned char to unsigned int
      Change default element addresses to allow more than 256 drives
      Improve logging.
      Create library_contents.XX for non default configs
      Clear 'density' value before use
      Remove dependency on library_contents config in correct order
      Add support for 9940x media
      Fix incorrect handling of 'ANY' slot type
      READ ELEMENT STATUS: query 'ANY' spaning multiple slot types
      kernel module: Define 'minor' number as an unsigned int
      kernel module: Prevent buffer overflow on max minor number
      kernel module: Update version and date stamp
      READ ELEMENT STATUS: Add byte count of drives to total
      Add more details to READ ELEMENT STATUS debug
      READ ELEMENT STATUS: Correct 'byte count of report available'
      ssc: REPORT POSITION - Add support for 'long' format
      Update bits for READ POSITION
      mhvtl.spec: Update for 1.4-7_release

Sebastian Herbszt (10):
      default_ssc_pm: fix initialisation order
      Update .gitignore
      ssc: fix access to page mode data in set_mode_compression
      ssc: rename save_page variable to save_pages in ssc_mode_select
      ssc: print save pages parameter in ssc_mode_select
      spc: fix spelling in spc_mode_sense
      ssc: print service_action in ssc_read_position
      ssc: add page_format variable and log page format parameter in ssc_mode_select
      ssc: log unsupported service actions in ssc_read_position
      vtllib: set partition to 0 in resp_read_position_long
Regards from Australia
Mark Harvey
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Re: ANNOUNCE: Release 1.4-7 / mhvtl-2013-03-22

Mark Harvey
While there are updates to the kernel module, there is no requirement to install the new kernel module.
Note the one bug fixed in the kernel module with a buffer overflow if attempting to configure more than 255 tape devices.
Regards from Australia
Mark Harvey