ANNOUNCE: Release 1.4-8 / mhvtl-2013-06-29

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ANNOUNCE: Release 1.4-8 / mhvtl-2013-06-29

Mark Harvey
After 3mths in the making... A new release

Available on the mhVTL home page -
(or at bottom of this announcement)

Main bullet points:
- Add additional fields in MAM for multi-partition support capability
- Solaris 11.1 st mode select
- Make virtual media more resilient against disk full conditions
- Add additional error checking between kernel and userspace ioctl
- Add ability to introduce delays in load/unload/position/thread/rewind op codes
- Add 16byte CDB locate command support
- Minor kernel module tweeks - increase timeout & error checking on ioctl()

The git shortlog from last release:

David Major (1):
      Solaris 11.1 st mode select

Mark Harvey (33):
      Report if LARGE FILE supported
      MAM: Comment each grouping of MAM attributes
      vtlcart: Fix 'checkpatch' coding style update
      vtlcart: Fix compile breakage due to code style cleanup
      HP Ultrium: Update WORM reporting in INQUIRY page
      personality module: Move media density to each personality
      personality module: Fix coding style.
      mode select: Abort from potential endless loop
      mode select: Update Page Format bit behaviour
      Add two extra fields into MAM for multi-partition support
      Increment MAM struct version
      Revert "ssc: saved mode pages are not implemented"
      ssc: MODE SELECT - Fix mode parameter processing
      ssc: MODE SELECT - Return sense error on page codes not handled by MODE SELECT
      ssc: MODE SELECT - Slightly more intelligent about amount of data to log
      write error: Make backend format more resilient against disk full
      write error: Update TapeAlert flag on write error
      define TapeAlert meanings in scsi.h
      Use TapeAlert defined values instead of raw hex values
      Condense debug info in completeSCSICommand()
      Update register_ops to handle pre & post cmd handlers
      Update scsi.h with documented SCSI OP codes
      vtltape: Add SCSI OP code post processing test
      vtllibrary: Add SCSI OP code post processing test
      vtllibrary: Add ability to update op code jump table
      READ BLOCK LIMITS: Update to use put_unaligned_be24()
      Call main op code processing depending on pre-op status
      Delay load and positioning to emulate real hardware
      Add ability to adjust delay intervals
      Add error checking to retrive_CDB_data()
      kernel module: Increase timeout for user-space daemon to respond.
      kernel module: Update kernel module version strings
      mhvtl.spec: Update for 1.4-8_release

Sebastian Herbszt (17):
      fix make clean
      ssc: log mode select version
      spc: optimise mode sense version logging
      vtllib: fix spelling in resp_read_position_long
      vtllib: fix spelling in resp_read_position
      vtllib: remove redundant position logging in resp_read_position_long
      ssc: add and use page variable in ssc_mode_select
      vtllib: set partition in resp_read_position
      ssc: saved mode pages are not implemented
      ssc: rename ssc_seek_10 to ssc_locate_10
      ssc: fix typo in ssc_mode_select
      ssc: adjust logged name in ssc_locate_10
      Use more TapeAlert defined values
      ssc: rename ssc_locate_10 to ssc_locate
      ssc: implement LOCATE 16
      vtltape: hook up ssc_locate to op code 92h
      kernel module: return -EIO from resp_write_to_user

git dif-stat:
 ChangeLog            |   11 ++
 kernel/mhvtl.c       |   15 +-
 mhvtl-utils.spec     |    7 +-
 usr/Makefile         |    2 +-
 usr/ait_pm.c         |   27 +++-
 usr/default_ssc_pm.c |  168 +++++++++++++++++++++-
 usr/edit_tape.c      |    9 +-
 usr/hp_ultrium_pm.c  |   81 ++++++++---
 usr/ibm_03592_pm.c   |   29 ++++-
 usr/mktape.c         |    9 +-
 usr/quantum_dlt_pm.c |   33 ++++-
 usr/scsi.h           |   65 ++++++++-
 usr/smc.c            |    2 +-
 usr/spc.c            |    4 +-
 usr/ssc.c            |  126 +++++++++++++----
 usr/ssc.h            |   36 +++++-
 usr/stk9x40_pm.c     |   42 +++++-
 usr/t10000_pm.c      |   29 ++++-
 usr/ult3580_pm.c     |   67 +++++++--
 usr/vtlcart.c        |  289 +++++++++++++++++--------------------
 usr/vtlcmd.c         |   43 +++++-
 usr/vtllib.c         |   55 +++++---
 usr/vtllib.h         |    7 +-
 usr/vtllibrary.c     |   25 +++-
 usr/vtltape.c        |  394 ++++++++++++++++++++++++--------------------------
 usr/vtltape.h        |    7 +-
 26 files changed, 1079 insertions(+), 503 deletions(-)

Regards from Australia
Mark Harvey