ANNOUNCE: Release 1.5-0 / mhvtl-2014-04-13

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ANNOUNCE: Release 1.5-0 / mhvtl-2014-04-13

Mark Harvey
After almost 6 months in the making... A new release

Available on the mhVTL home page -
(Can not attach RPMS to this announcement - the 'upload' seems to be stripping filename to 'mhvtl-utils-1.rpm' for all RPM files.)

Main bullet points:
 - Personality modules for tape libraries. Note: These emulations are still in progress.
 - Add a 'NULL' media type for performance testing.
 - Fix bug with libraries defined with more than 1260 slots
 - kernel module bus type changed from pseudo to pseudo9 to avoid address space conflict with scsi_debug

      Current list of personality modules are
      - IBM 3573-TL & 03584Lxx
      - STK SL500 (partial) and L180/L700
      - HP MSL & EML
      - Overland, Scalar & Spectra logic (minimal emulation)


Regards from Australia
Mark Harvey