ANNOUNCE: mhvtl-1.5-3 release

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ANNOUNCE: mhvtl-1.5-3 release

Mark Harvey
Just to announce that I've drawn a line in the sand and decided that the number of changes should be wrapped up into it's very own release.

Basically a busy 7 months since the last release - with little in the way of development time for mhVTL.

Headline points
- A few required patches for the mhvtl kernel module to compile with the latest 3.19 & upcoming 4.x kernels.
- Work on getting WORM to work once again - restricted testing to the STK T10000, IBM LTO and HP LTO emulations.
- Improve reporting on media type within the robot via the READ ELEMENT STATUS.
- Include source code of a 'tcopy' implementation - available via sourceforge but seems to be long forgotten.

The changelog below:
Adrien Dessmond (1):
      kernel module: Update to suit API change with 3.19 kernel

Marc A. Smith (1):
      fixed test condition issue for runuser and setuidgid binary tool checks in the make_vtl_media script

Mark Harvey (35):
      Fix WORM & Cleaning media detection in startup script
      Fixup 'make clean' - leaving behind
      Initial add of TS1140 - 03952E07
      Include <string.h> to silence gcc warning on memcpy()
      smc: Off-by-one in READ ELEMENT STATUS
      Use define for number of elements instead of raw number
      Update helper scripts to detect TS1140 media
      Correct log message setting media type to WORM
      Initial commit of a 'tcopy' found on the internet
      Re-format to suit 'linux kernel' coding style
      Add Makefile, README & COPYING from a version found on sourceforge
      Add a 'clean' target to the Makefile
      Update README with 'Orphaned Project' status
      Replace tcopy with BSD version (tcopy-linux)
      tcopy: Code style cleanups
      tcopy: Increase max tape block from 64k to 640k
      tcopy: Update man page to reflect linux default path
      tcopy: Update 'clean' target to remove tcopy binary too
      kernel module: Update Makefile 'clean' target to remove files left behind
      tcopy: linux kernel coding style updates
      vtltape: Fix bug with WORM media
      Update 'lib_id' to be a 'long' across the board.
      vtllibrary: To report correct media type - a helper added
      Update media density for LTO6 WORM media
      Simplify reading of code by using min()
      Bump media creation string from 1.4 to 1.5
      Improve T10K emulation
      Clear out beginning of sense buf - leaving any custom data
      Add LTO WORM media pattern matching to make_vtl_media
      IBM LTO personality module: Fix density/media type reporting for WORM
      HP LTO personality module: Correct WORM media handling
      Add example persistent udev rules
      kernel module: Update version string
      ssc: Remove warning: blk_no might be used uninitialized in this function
      mhvtl.spec: Update for 1.5-3_release

Sebastian Herbszt (3):
      kernel module: fix compile on kernel versions below 3.19
      kernel module: adapt to 64-bit LUNs
      kernel module: fix compile on kernel version 4.0

Available on the home page
Also available for download here:
Regards from Australia
Mark Harvey