ANNOUNCEMENT: NEW Release - mhvtl-0.18-11 / 2010-09-23.tgz

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ANNOUNCEMENT: NEW Release - mhvtl-0.18-11 / 2010-09-23.tgz

New Release - mhvtl-0.18-11 / 2010-09-23.tgz
by markh794 » Wed Sep 22, 2010 8:38 pm

Many thanks to NAI & Philip for their testing and assistance/persistance in tracking down a positioning bug which was triggered by TSM and HP Dataprotector.

Bug fixes:
- Fix : potential core dump where pointer was incorrectly being set to NULL
- Fix : position error
- Fix : Inquiry VPD page 0x83 & NAA field

- remove references to /proc
- daemons now create device nodes at startup time. No need for external script to create device nodes. However this comes at a cost. You need to use the updated kernel module included with this source.
- Use 'setuidgid' if available to start daemons
- Include ebuild file for Gentoo
- Include RedHat/CentOS kernel module spec file.

Where do you get it: ... load-devel

On my todo list for next release:
- Separate directory for media per library
- Improve kernel module to dynamically allocate some currently static structures.

Enjoy and please let me know of any problems you experience or any features you would like.

Mark Harvey