SpectraLogic Device Capabilities

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SpectraLogic Device Capabilities

I ran into an issue while trying the SpectraLogic emulation. My software tells me the library does not support moving a tape from a slot into a drive. A look at the spectra_pm.c code shows why. The device capabilities matrix is filled with 0x07 for all fields. That should be 0x0e. The values are shifted by one bit.

        mp->pcodePointer[2] = 0x07;
        mp->pcodePointer[3] = 0x00;
        mp->pcodePointer[4] = 0x07;
        mp->pcodePointer[5] = 0x07;
        mp->pcodePointer[6] = 0x07;
        mp->pcodePointer[7] = 0x07;

should be..
        mp->pcodePointer[2] = 0x0e;
        mp->pcodePointer[3] = 0x00;
        mp->pcodePointer[4] = 0x0e;
        mp->pcodePointer[5] = 0x0e;
        mp->pcodePointer[6] = 0x0e;
        mp->pcodePointer[7] = 0x0e;