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Mark Harvey
Last few updates on top of 1.4-8_release into github has been result of valgrind to identify/detect any memory leaks.

The good news is that minimum changes have been required.

The patches include functions so the daemons would clean up after themselves on exit.

It did detect an unused file handle (ofp) which is now gone & fifo file handle cleanups.
The only real memory issue relates to malloc'ed memory for handling filemarks. This memory is only ever expanded and never freed - depending on number of file marks on a virtual media.
Hence if you used a virtual tape with many, many filemarks the amount of memory malloc()'ed would grow. On unmount and subsequent media mounts, this upper limit would always be consumed.
In practice this should not cause any problems.

One of the patches (Free malloc() mem on tape unload) in the set now frees this memory on media unmount.

I would be very interested in any reports of change of behaviour since the 1.4-8 release - Just in case some bug has crept into the cleanups.
Regards from Australia
Mark Harvey